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Unreal: Issue 2, December 24th 2021



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Plausible fiction for implausible times

This issue: Scrooge tells the inside story; Can SynchroPal “cure” lateness?; Irresponsible to blame, says deadly fun fare owner; First drafts: John’s tricky pitch for a bible chapter; Plus all the earlier stories
Scrooge, a rebranding one winter
App offers “cure for lateness”
Funfare owner blames tragedy on “irresponsible minority”
First drafts: John
Slightly Serious Fraud Office launches in-house pyramid scheme
Earlier stories
Fresh insights on a legendary victory
Rampaging giants may soon face barking
Interview: Davis on the democratisation of “breaking the truth barrier"
FunnyBone’s Mirth-24/7 update to give humour boost
World’s longest phone call to end
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Plausible fiction for implausible times. Unreal news, interviews, features and analysis.

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